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Green Tea, home remedies to Prevent Pneumonia Green Tea (PHOTO: Nosh Detox)

TIMESPURBALINGGA, JAKARTAPneumonia is an infection of the lungs caused by fungi, bacteria, or viruses. The disease can't be cured at home, but the symptoms can be alleviated by independent efforts. One method to prevent pneumonia is by drinking of green tea. Is that right?

Reporting from Reuters, there is one of the simplest ways to prevent pneumonia, namely by consuming green tea routinely.

Researchers from University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan say that drinking one cup of green tea reduces 41 percent of the risk of death from pneumonia in Japanese women.

Actually, green tea contains the compound of epigallocatechin gallate which is capable of destroying and inhibiting the growth of viruses and microorganisms. As previously explained, pneumonia is indeed caused by S. pneumonia bacteria, P. carinii fungus, protozoa (toxoplasma), and viruses (CMV, herpes simplex).

Now by consuming green tea without mixing sugar, milk or cream regularly you will be free from microorganisms that cause disease severity.

However, Japanese researchers didn't find any effect of green tea on reducing the risk of pneumonia in men. So, more research is still needed on the function of green tea which can reduce the risk of pneumonia for all people.

In conclusion, green tea only acts as prevention media, it isn't as the main treatment. If you have already been exposed to pneumonia, of course the medicines from the doctor will be better to used curing the disease. (*)

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